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Chime Microphone SHOW CM-800

CM-800 chime microphone is designed for amplifiers specially. It allows the user to work with the quality of microphone with

SHOW Conference System delegate unit SCS-801D

Power  Source                                  DC 24V

SHOW Conference System Reciever SCS-800R

Power  Source                                       AC 220 -240V/50Hz                                                              AC110-120V/60Hz Power Consumption                               30mA Input                                                      MIC: -50dB                                                              AUX: -20dB Output                                                   REC: 0dB                                                              LINE


Horn Speaker of aluminum material

سماعة بوق SHOW TC-30AH, 100v , 30w لاين سكني دائري

A rugged, weather resistant P.A. horn speaker manufactured with grey, epoxy coated aluminium. The horn has an integral transformer and

سماعة جنب SHOW CSB-150CV

MODEL CSB-150 / 150CV Outputs 8Ω 70V/100V (CV models) Power capacity 60W Selectable Power  (CV version) 70V: 7.5W, 15W, 30W,60W, PASS

سماعة جنب SHOW CSB-50CV

Are the perfect speaker for background music applications. With extended frequency response and high dynamics they offer a coherent sound